Your brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety system. Brakes allow you to slow down or stop in an instant and can help you avoid a serious accident.

That’s why it’s so important to have your vehicle’s maintenance up to date, at affinitytire we care about providing you with excellent brake repair and maintenance services.
Brakes that are not well maintained and regularly inspected can let you down when you need them most and put your family at risk.

What are the most common brake system problems?

The most common brake system problems include: a spongy brake pedal, a hard brake pedal, squealing when braking, vibration when braking, and a persistent brake warning light. A healthy brake system should not make noise or vibrate, and should be firm when pressed, rather than soft or hard. If you hear or feel anything unusual when braking, it is important to contact your local auto mechanic as soon as possible or contact us at To avoid costly repair bills, you should schedule regular services that include complete brake and brake pad inspections and we can do it for you.

What should my brake inspection include?

All brake inspections should include a test drive, so your auto mechanic can test the effectiveness of your brakes first hand.

They should also perform a visual inspection to measure the thickness of the brake shoe and pad to make sure they wear evenly and meet all required safety standards. An auto mechanic will also check rotors for hot spots, calipers for wear and wheel cylinders, brake lines and master cylinder for leaks. They will also check the levels and quality of your brake fluids and make sure your brake and anti-lock sensors are set and routed correctly.

Whether you’re having problems with your braking or simply want to schedule an inspection, the affinitytire team can help.

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