We are not always prepared for a flat tire, maybe we don’t have a spare tire or in some cases we can’t afford to pay for a tow truck, what we are sure of is that in many occasions it is a good idea to use tire sealant to solve a flat tire.

When to use a tire sealant like Fix-a-Flat

In an emergency One of the most obvious times to use a tire sealant is during an emergency. If you walk out your front door one morning and discover a flat tire due to a slow leak, that’s not as pressing as developing a flat tire on the road. If you’re on the road and suddenly get a flat, that’s when a can of sealant can come in handy. It’s an especially good solution if you only have a small puncture and need to repair it long enough to get to a mechanic to have the tire replaced.

When a trailer is not available

Picture this: you’re taking an overnight trip and suddenly you get a flat tire. You don’t have a spare available and you’re stuck on the side of the road in total darkness. You try to call a tow truck and it will be literal hours before someone can get to you. You can camp out in your car until it shuts down and the tow truck arrives, or you can opt to use your can of sealant.
When time is of the essence.

Sometimes changing a tire can take longer than repairing a hole with sealant. So, in some cases, you’re better off opting for that can of Fix-a-Flat, rather than trying to rush to change an apartment for a spare. If you simply don’t have time to throw in a replacement, reach for that can of sealant to be on your way faster.

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