The best way to keep a car in good condition is to maintain it properly, that includes the general checkup and diagnostics that should be performed on every car at least once a year.

Periodic diagnostic tests can detect problems with your vehicle before they require costly repairs or, worse, leave you stranded on the side of the road after a breakdown.

And while many people think that diagnostic testing is only necessary when the Check Engine light comes on, it’s also true that there are many benefits to taking a proactive approach to car maintenance and getting ahead of the red light sending us to our mechanic.

Good maintenance habit.

Having a good maintenance habit helps reveal problems within a car’s engine, even preventing them before they happen.
Another benefit is to detect problems within a car’s transmission system or within the exhaust system, brakes and other major components, as well as performance problems with the fuel injector, air flow and coolant, ignition coils and throttle.
The importance of doing a GENERAL DIAGNOSTIC CARS is precisely to avoid risks when you go on the road and to avoid major expenses in solving problems of your vehicle that can be avoided by doing a simple general checkup.

In our service center at affinitire we take this seriously, that’s why we strive to do it for free for our valued customers. Reserve your spot now and you won’t be disappointed.

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